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CTF_Halloween2 - Z(Rus) - 10-09-2017

Halloween in space, but someone decided to call a demon in the middle of the holiday.
Map made special for Halloween Mapping Contest MMXVII
[Image: 59db6e44ee94d.jpg]
[Image: 59db6e35ccba7.jpg]
[Image: 59db6e4e44aac.jpg]
[Image: 59db6e4980739.jpg]

RE: CTF_Halloween2 - Z(Rus) - 10-17-2017

someone test or play on map?  Huh

RE: CTF_Halloween2 - Antares* - 10-17-2017

I gave it a try. It looks very simplistic since its a giant square room where two bases are at the sides of. It might be ok for instagib because of the vast spaces to use the Vaporizer in, but not really for vanilla.