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Shameless self-advertising - N1mbus - 11-04-2017

Hey guys,

just in case someone is interested, after some experimentation it seems that my stream is finally at a somewhat acceptable quality. If you wanna see Xonotic pickup games and/or deathmatch from my perspective hearing my brilliant thought process during the matches, this might be for you.


Since Xonotic is fairly inactive these days, I will also stream some singleplayer games occasionally. I am not bound to any genre, just whatever catches my interest.

Happy fragging!


RE: Shameless self-advertising - -maniac|Su- - 11-04-2017

shameless and selfish Wink  but I like it Nimba  Tongue ...

GreetZ Su

RE: Shameless self-advertising - thimo - 11-05-2017

Very nice, get some good duels going on. I'll watch =)