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Netradiant compiling? - Raxno - 11-10-2017

sooo.... I want to get back to making maps, however, I have NO idea how to build Netradiant, given that a few years ago, one did not need to build netradiant at all (if I remember correctly) anyone out there know how to do this? I'm using windows by the by, and thanks!

RE: Netradiant compiling? - Raxno - 11-10-2017

seems like I'm a dummy, I grabbed the source instead of the download on the main page. Sooo.... everything should be just fine now

RE: Netradiant compiling? - It'sMe - 11-11-2017

For reference:
On the download page http://xonotic.org/download/ is a link for Netradiant (Windows): Extra Downloads -> Download Netradiant via HTTP (leads to 0.8.2 release download).