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Quick question ... - devnexen - 01-16-2018

What is the preferred repository to contribute between github and gitlab ? Regards.

RE: Quick question ... - sev - 01-16-2018

Hello and welcome.
Development happens on GitLab. The GitHub repositories are (backup) mirrors.
You can also find useful information in the Wiki, in particular about the Git repository structure of Xonotic.

RE: Quick question ... - devnexen - 01-18-2018

Ok was not sure, see often PR getting stale :-) Thanks,

RE: Quick question ... - devnexen - 03-11-2018

(01-19-2018, 10:44 AM)Lyberta Wrote:
(01-18-2018, 08:41 AM)devnexen Wrote: Ok was not sure, see often PR getting stale :-) Thanks,

This is the main problem currently. Core team has way too little time to work on the project therefore it's common for PRs to stay pending for several months. This pretty much kills any new development.

I understand ... too bad I ve made few changes in various subproject to make it work under OpenBSD :-)

RE: Quick question ... - Kim Jong-Ben - 04-15-2018

Got a link to your PR?

I'd have a look and see if I notice any issues.