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I try out PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) - Antares* - 02-15-2018

And with some trial and error, I managed to upload fully viewable videos.

Bayonetta Chapter 2 Verse 1.
This is the shortest video and will take the least time to buffer.
This particularly is a concern since the instance I found isn't providing lower resolutions of videos uploaded at 1440p.

A duel on Fuse, me vs Beemann

A duel on Finalrage, me vs Beemann again

Fully viewable is a remark because along the way I uploaded some unviewable videos. PeerTube doesn't seem to re-encode videos to work with it's player.

As far as I can tell this video only plays audio, the rest is black, but PeerTube managed to recognize a still to use as a preview image.
And I induced it's because the .mp4 was encoded with HEVC as opposed to AVC.

I haven't figured out what the issue was exactly, but the encoder is AVC, file was .mp4.

The only downside right now is that the site requires Javascript to display anything at all. It's also in alpha and a lot of the instances aren't descriptive about limits or quotas. But I'd happily choose this over having to deal with YouTube again (over the years of revoking features and forcing people to jump through hoops to get them back).

What do you guys think?

RE: I try out PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) - Lyberta - 02-15-2018

Does it reencode? Because with Tor I usually can watch 360p tops.

RE: I try out PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) - Antares* - 02-15-2018

I can't tell.
It's clearly re-encoding for lower resolutions on this video.

But it isn't for mine.

RE: I try out PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) - SPLAT - 02-15-2018

There definitely needs to be a good alternative to ((youtube))

RE: I try out PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) - Antares* - 05-23-2018

I finished uploading a set of videos of Komier vs Sawa for Beemann's October Duel Ladder 2016 which had around 11 or 13 players at the time.




These have resolutions available for 360p, 720p, and 1440p. But nowadays there can be a shortage of bandwidth so while 360p is perfectly viewable, higher resolutions may require more seeders.

PeerTube is a little more fleshed out so there's now a channel page.