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[MAP] What The Hex?! - _para - 04-04-2018

Played around with hexagons came up with a ctf map.

The yellow/orange fields are accelerator fields which replace jumppads. (Combine with laser or trickjumps or chain them for some speed.)

Also works with hook.
Download 'What The Hex?!' v3 (27.41mb)

Old versions:
[url=http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ax635m977tcdei/hex_map2m.pk3]Download 'What The Hex' v2 (28mb)

Download 'What The Hex?!' (pk3,14.4mb)

More Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/8Fh1A

[Image: uTCuN8p.jpg]

[Image: dVSknrD.gif]

[Image: dRlI8Xx.jpg]
[Image: UU9ywwi.jpg]

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - martin-t - 04-05-2018

I really like the idea and layout but maybe the accelerators are a bit overpowered? It should be harder and harder to gain speed if you're already fast. Xon desperately needs large maps but i think the acceleration won't let players appreciate the size. Plus sometimes they kinda resemble lag, it took me a bit to realize the speed change is intentional.

The map also works well with overkill movement so +1 from me.

Did you use a tool to generate it? I heard non-rectangular shapes are an utter pain to work with in radiant.

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - _para - 04-07-2018

Thanks for your feedback. Yes the boosters are intentional. I also thought they are op so I lowered the strength from 6.2 to 2 so now they wont throw you around the map anymore and you got to use your laser more. (added more health and armor)
No everything in netradiant. Viewing it from a modeling point it's cruel. But here I had to merge 3 hexagon brushes to get that hexagon brush with sloped edges and copy&paste all over.

Download 'What The Hex?!' v3 (27.41mb)

(Download 'What The Hex' v2 (28mb))
The lightmaps make it that large. (103mb necessary image files -.-')
So this version has reworked boosters.Adjusted some tiles for easier traversing. And added a bit fog for color perspective (less flat looking) and a minimap that shows the boosters and indicate where you could go above or below.
[Image: JXz7OqA.jpg]
[Image: yc9Zbo1.jpg]

And here's how it looked when I let it compile overnight yesterday hoping to get a good result (waiting hours for your map to compile to bs is more annoying than working with these brushes):
[Image: fL6fIcG.jpg]
[Image: UTuqM1b.png]

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - It'sMe - 04-08-2018

This is a very looking map.
We have played it yesterday (Deathmatch). People enjoyed its design and find it appealing. But the map is too huge and therefore people vote endmatch.
Maybe you should release a smaller sized version of it?

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - martin-t - 04-08-2018

People vote endmatch on large maps because they can't move so they only get kills on tiny crowded maps. It's a problem with people, not maps.

The only potential issue is that xon has mostly projectile weapons so the 2 hitscan ones stand out a lot on bigger maps. Especially vortex since it's already strong at close range but at long range there's no counter to it other than another vortex. If that was an issue during the matches, maybe consider removing vortex. CTF maps without vortex make for more interesting gameplay IMO because you get to use the other weapons too.

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - Smilecythe - 04-08-2018

(04-08-2018, 06:26 AM)martin-t Wrote: CTF maps without vortex make for more interesting gameplay IMO because you get to use the other weapons too.
I think so too in duel/dm also. It's easy for things to get out of hand when you add vortex to your map for several reasons; 1. you can get ammo for it very easily from multiple other weapons 2. crazy knockback and damage 3. not risky to use in close range due to combo ability.

So apart from not having an open map, there's not much you can do to prevent vortex abuse. Perhaps something should be done to the weapon and ammo management itself.

RE: [MAP] What The Hex?! - _para - 04-08-2018

Yeah played it myself today on votable. But DM also got end voted with ~5 people. Anyways I added proper deathmatch spawns, removed the vortexes and got a low quality video (thanks lightworks free) of me showing some routes.

Download 'What The Hex?!' v3 (27.41mb)

After 2:00 (1:30) the same with cryling for boosting: