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Problem with HUD [SOLVED] - ThePWTULN - 08-02-2010

I've been trying to test Xonotic with a couple of test maps that I made, but I haven't been able to get the game to run properly.

When a map loads I get this:

[Image: dm-16128076905014.png]

I'm guessing that the hud images are missing, but I've updated git and I still have the same problem Sad

If anyone can help me fix this, I'd be very grateful Smile

RE: Problem with HUD - rainerzufalldererste - 08-02-2010

sometime when I started Xonotic I got this, too!
After restarting Xonotic the bug was away!

RE: Problem with HUD - Roanoke - 08-02-2010

Try doing ./all update followed by ./all compile once more, possibly fruitiex broke something then fixed it later Tongue

RE: Problem with HUD - ThePWTULN - 08-03-2010

Yay it's working now - I must have forgotten to do ./all compile Tongue

Anyway thanks a lot Smile

RE: Problem with HUD [SOLVED] - FruitieX - 08-03-2010

Good that you got it fixed. Now in recent code, even if you mess up all path-related cvars it should still fallback to the default HUD skin icons/backgrounds.