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Colored Names on Bots - Topher - 05-06-2018

Anyone know if it's possible to add color to the bot names on a dedicated server?
I've tried editing the bot.txt file and adding the color entries such as ^xD02 but it literally puts the characters in the bot's name.
Any ideas?

RE: Colored Names on Bots - Mirio - 05-06-2018

I guess this could work:
bot_prefix [BOT]^xD02

There is also bot_suffix.

RE: Colored Names on Bots - Topher - 05-06-2018

Yeah, but then all of the bot names would be the same color.
I was hoping to mix and match colors and names for the specific bot names.
I'm surprised that editing the bot.txt within the xonotic-data.pk3 file didn't work.

RE: Colored Names on Bots - 3agle427 - 01-20-2019

Hi, I was able to get my bots names colored. Just make sure it has a "^" and an x before the digits, and it is 3 digits. What I did is went into the menu and found the color, then wrote it down. and the put it into the bots.txt file. also make sure there is no space between any on it. Hope this helps!