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Xonotic DeFRaG website - Mirio - 05-18-2018

Hello everyone.

[Image: 137.gif] Morosophos created a website which currently stores the database of exe.pub | Relaxed Running | CTS/XDF.

The holy URL: https://portal.exe.pub/xdf/

Why is this awesome? It is basically a XonStats for your CTS records.

Few examples:
  • News feed updates live
  • Compare your time on server X globally and see how good it really is
  • Each map has it's own page with the rankings and (if available) a video from packers YouTube channel
  • Every player has a profile with his placements in each ladder, recent activity, best maps and a tool to compare yourself with other players!

What eventually will be there in the future are things like map pictures or map ratings.
Please leave your feedback and suggestions here in this thread!

Also we've launched a Discord server for all the CTS players: https://discord.gg/v447EHx
Feel free to join it and see you on the servers!