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Character Using Wrong Sounds - Castor - 05-24-2018

I've currently copied three sets of model files and their associated parts from the main game data folder and replaced all of their sound files into a new .pk3, so that I'm not just replacing content already in the game, rather, adding to it. I have renamed each accordingly, and for the most part, they work.

That said, one of my characters, when dying, will use it's own death sounds, but will occasionally use the death sounds of one of my other characters; it's always the same files, as though they're sharing their [player] sound folder. To rectify this I first tried renaming the individual sound files by apending unique letters and numbers to them (e.g, g1death1, g1death2 and so on for one character, and p1death1, p1death2 and so on for the other). I of course adjusted the .sounds file for each character I've added to make sure each picks up the right sounds.

Unfortunately this made no difference, so I have done this again but I have renamed [coms] and [player] folder for each, again, carefully adjusting the .sounds files to match. They use all the right shouts, but this same one character keeps randomly using my other character's death noises -- and I'm sure you'll agree at this point, it really shouldn't be able to. It doesn't know where to look for them on account of the directories not matching, and the files themselves are now character-specific.

...what gives? xD I should mention that in this post I mentioned that one of my characters had stopped using certain sound files, and the cause turned out to be a subtle difference in the name of the directory they were found in. So this only adds to the conundrum for me.

Is it possible that I'm hitting a sound cap? I haven't added an excessive amount of sounds - no more than 30 each. At least, I didn't imagine that as being excessive...