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Announcer - vega - 08-14-2018

Recently I had too much free time and starting fucking around with some custom stuff for the game. While doing this i came across all the files of the default announcer. Somehow I couldn't remember ever hearing the airshot sound and such. So my first question is: How can you enable the game to use all those soundfiles? I want to hear all those killing sprees again! ;Wink did find some cvars that are supposed to force these (for example notification_ANNCE_ACHIEVEMENT_AIRSHOT 2) but those don't change anything...

The second stage of my question is how to force certain sounds on a server. The best example is the DTG server where they force a *headshot* sound when you get a headshot. I would love to be able to force some custom sounds on the element server so if anyone has an idea for this, that would be awesome Smile