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mouse and kb freezes (script related?) - zombie - 08-05-2010

So the last few times I've played, I get intermittent freezes of my controls. When they come back, my mouse sens is all screwed up. My logitech mouse has 3 dpi settings, of which I use the highest in normal gameplay. After one of these freezes, that setting is too high, and the middle one seems too low. I suspect that this has something to do with a script that I've been running with Nexuiz (for about a year or more), which helps integrate my Logitech g15 keyboard. The reason I think this, is because the freeze/unfreeze is accompanied by the backlight coming on. Here is the script.
#! /bin/sh

[ -x "`which aoss`" ] && aoss=aoss
if [ -x "`which gnome-screensaver-command`" ]; then
   gnome-screensaver-command -i &

loadkeys -c -u -s us
setxkbmap -symbols "pc(pc105)+us"


g15macro &
mpid = $!

$aoss "$@"
[ -n "$inhibit" ] && kill $inhibit

kill $mpid

xgamma -gamma 1
setxkbmap -symbols "pc(pc105)+us(intl)+group(alts_toggle)"
loadkeys -c -u -s us-intl.iso15

does anyone else have this keyboard? Or just give me a clue as to why it's acting up just now? Thanks.

RE: mouse and kb freezes (script related?) - divVerent - 08-06-2010

First of all, you should not be using aoss at all.
Secondly, inhibit=$? should be inhibit=$!
Thirdly, loadkeys? WHY?

And aoss may actually be causing such issues...

RE: mouse and kb freezes (script related?) - zombie - 08-06-2010

Thanks for the reply! Someone kindly wrote this script for me, so I am not familiar with the inner workings. I replaced the ? with !, but could you tell me more about why not to use aoss, and what alternative I can apply to this script? As for loadkeys, I don't know what that does... but perhaps it is so that I can make use of the extra keys on this keyboard? Does it make sense that aoss would just now cause such issues, after no problems for so long? Some update broke something maybe? Thanks again, div!


RE: mouse and kb freezes (script related?) - zombie - 08-06-2010

After some testing, I'm pretty sure it's my psu. I've known that it's not strong enough, and I guess it's really showing it now!