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FSMP needs you! - SEEK-fried - 11-20-2018

Yo Ho Ho, landlubers.

Shiver me timbers the FSMP(flying spaghetti monster pirates) are recruiting new members for crusades and in search of booty.

Here is an overview of our wanted posters:

Captain: Pio
  • Seek-y
  • Regionalbahn
  • gd
  • Winsalot
  • fofx
  • bench
  • Rainbow Shadow
  • Smx
  • Slaptrout
Requirements: Be polite, a passion for this game and fun with teammodes like tdm, ca and of course ctf (because all pirates have fun with flags)

You can join our irc-channel: #xon.fsmp(quakenet)
Or play on our public server: FSMP Teamplay

RE: FSMP needs you! - morosophos - 11-27-2018

glhf pirates, looking for some more clan battles with you Smile

RE: FSMP needs you! - Mataguí - 02-12-2019

Do you have any website or forum outside of xonotic.org?

RE: FSMP needs you! - SEEK-fried - 02-14-2019

Sorry, at the moment just irc and discord.

RE: FSMP needs you! - Snowball - 04-01-2019

can i join?
i have comparable dueling skill to bench.
relatively active and play the game when ever i have the chance.
favorite mode -----> ca

RE: FSMP needs you! - SEEK-fried - 04-21-2019

Sorry for my late reply, yeah sure you can join Smile