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Textures: Nobiax Impacts - Julius - 12-07-2018

Nobiax Impacts Texture Set

File: nobiax_impacts.zip
License: “Absolutely free to use or to modify
Author: Nobiax aka Yughues aka Hugues Muller (hmuller68@gmail.com)

Five glass impacts textures to use as decals, normal and specular maps included.

The original textures have an alpha channel for transparency but I have deleted
it just after some experiments. They have now a black background with the texture
premultiplied by the alpha channel so the required blend mode is additive.


Additive blend mode because it looks nicer to my eyes in this way:

blend equation: (source * 1) + (dest * 1)
shader directive: blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE

"souce" represents the texture itself whereas “dest” is the content of the frame
buffer or, in other words, the background with which to blend the texture.

This is the shader:

    qer_editorImage textures/nobiax/impacts/impact1.tga

    //dpGlossIntensityMod 2.0
    dpGlossExponentMod 2.0


    surfaceparm trans
    surfaceparm nonsolid

        map textures/nobiax/impacts/impact1.tga
        rgbGen identity
        blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
        map $lightmap
        rgbGen identity
        blendFunc filter

The textures can not be vertex-lit like in my previous “Tabun Decals Texture Set"
post, because I want the normal and gloss effects applied here.

P.D: Vertex-lit surfaces do not use pixel-based effects like normals and speculars,
and they do not use lightmaps. For this very reason they do not receive shadows.

Any comments are really appreciated.

Source textures: https://www.deviantart.com/yughues/art/Free-3D-textures-pack-impacts-158726186