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Custom Game Modes - 3agle427 - 12-27-2018

Hi, is there anyway I can make a custom game mode and make a pk3 so I can give it to friends? I was thinking if there was a way to copy a gametype file and rename it and change some properties. I want to make a zombies gametype but for the zombies gamemode I want the zombies to be human players. When you die as a human you change to green team (automatically) and your skin glows green or something. Zombies would have melee only, humans would have shotgun and maybe machine guns. Humans would also get 1 point for killing a zombie, while zombies get 2-3 because it is harder to get kills as zombies. Humans would also be a little bit slower than zombies, to make it balanced. But no matter what team you're on you still keep your points, then there would be 5 rounds, 3-5 mins long. The zombies would have a dedicated spawn zone while the humans would be a little more spread out. I also want to make a hide and seek gamemode with basically the same mechanics. I would also like to have an option in the menu to select the gametype. for commands it would be has(Hide and Seek) and zmb(zombies) or inf(infection). Please Help!

RE: Custom Game Modes - 3agle427 - 12-29-2018

(12-29-2018, 05:37 AM)Lyberta Wrote: All code gets compiled to a couple of QuakeC blobs so you can't just compile the gamemode itself as addon pk3.

Oh ok is there any way I can make a custom game mode still?

RE: Custom Game Modes - 3agle427 - 12-29-2018

(12-29-2018, 07:29 PM)Lyberta Wrote: Sure, the usual way is to clone the Git repository and make your own branch with your own gamemode. Then you simply edit the source code of the game on your branch so you can then upload your branch on some public server such as GitLab and give address of your repository to friends.

See: https://gitlab.com/xonotic/xonotic/wikis/Repository_Access

Thanks! I'll try my best and see what I can do, Is there any video or written tutorial or can you make it more in-depth?