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NetRadiant Weapon Respawn - 3agle427 - 01-03-2019

How can I make a weapon in Netradiant respawn only if it is not being held. i.e. I pick it up use the ammo, but it doesn't respawn until I die and the weapon disappears or until I drop it and then it disappears, I need this to make a balance in my map. it needs to wait 15 seconds after it disappears to spawn.

RE: NetRadiant Weapon Respawn - _para - 01-05-2019

[Image: WeCbcn6.png]

RE: NetRadiant Weapon Respawn - 3agle427 - 01-05-2019

(01-05-2019, 05:54 PM)_para Wrote: [Image: WeCbcn6.png]

OMG!!! I never knew that. NO, I knew that i'm saying it only respawns if it is not being held, read back what I said this did not help at all.