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Custom Weapons - 3agle427 - 01-15-2019

Hi, I need help with making custom weapons, I want this to be a pk3 so I can give it to friends. I have weapon models as obj's and I need a pistol, and smg, a sniper rifle(kind of like the rifle), another snipe(more like the vortex), a rocket launcher without the guided missiles, a pistol that shoots blaster shots(without the bounce back property), a melee sword, a 3 round burst rifle, a plasma smg (shoots blaster shots without the bounce back property), and an smg that shoot's needles that explodes after a ceratin amount of time. Can anyone help me with making these, the first tests don't have to have animations, I also don't want to replace any weapons. If possible I would also like a menu or quick menu option. How would I do this? Please Help!