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3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Sl@va - 01-26-2019

Hi, I'd like to announce 3v3  CTF Instagib+Hook Cup. I decided that everyone is bored from 2v2 insta ctf cups, so this year I decided to change format to 3v3. Since 3v3 requires more players and it might take more time, cup will be split in two stages. First stage will be Round Robin bracket, and it will take a longer time so everyone can play games when they want. Then top performers will move to final stage, that will use double elimination bracket. If there will be to many participants in initial stage, to reduce amount of required games, they will be divided into groups.

Important: Please connect to the IRC Channel #xonotic.cup during the cup to read all announcements!

Initial stage
  • Modus: Round Robin
  • Date/time:  February 8 - 17 (Start at 18:00 of CET, 17:00 UTC, 20:00 MSK)
  • Timelimit: 15 minutes
  • Fraglimit: 10, no leadlimit
  • Map Pool: trancedissocianexdanceevilspace_deepskylostspace2warehouse_xonpowerstation
  • Map picking: Best of 3: Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick

So basically players will have a week to play games of initial stage, and they could play games when they want to. This should solve issues with availability.

Final stage
  • Modus: Double elimination
  • Date/time:  February 17 (scheduled start at 19:00 of CET, 18:00 UTC, 21:00 MSK)
  • Timelimit: 15 minutes
  • Fraglimit: 10, no leadlimit
  • Map Pool: trancedissocianexdanceevilspace_deepskylostspace2warehouse_xonpowerstation

Map picking:
  • bo3 (Initial rounds, Quarterfinals & Semifinals): Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick
  • bo5 (Final): Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick
  • bo7 (Grand Final): Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick

All games in loser brackets are bo3.


You can participate in cup by posting your team here or by contacting me in IRC or discord. Also, if you have no teammate, it's nice idea to ask here (or maybe on IRC or discord). If you haven't found teammates until the cup you can join #xonotic.cup IRC channel half an hour before cup and ask other players. Usually there is plenty of players who is looking for teammates.


If you want to train before cup, you can do this on Regulars Mars (mars.regulars.win:26005, private server) or on Regulars Votable (votable.regulars.win:26001, public server). If a server is switched to another game mode, you need to vote for insta_ctf by calling vcall insta_ctf command in game console.

Server settings
Server settings will be same as on Regulars public server, only with few exceptions:  teamkills and dynamic spawn shield. So, you can accidentally kill your teammate and you have no spawn shield.
During cup games each team may call one timeout (not more then 120 seconds) by using timeout command. It's nice idea to bind it to some key. Use timein command to resume the match.


During the cup demos will be recorded on server side. It will have some privacy consequences  (your in game private messages will be exposed in demos). Other private information (like IP) will be hidden. I will publish demos from cup in this thread.

There will be at least 5 cup servers, I will try to provide as many servers as needed, so games can be played in parallel.
Servers will be public and visible during the cup.
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #1  stats (cup.regulars.win:26050)
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #2  stats (cup.regulars.win:26051)
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #3  stats (cup.regulars.win:26052)
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #4  stats (cup.regulars.win:26053)
  • [力] TheRegulars ☠ Cup Server #5  stats (cup.regulars.win:26054)
Mumble: mumble.regulars.win

Bracket: regulars.challonge.com/3v3ctf2019

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Fred - 01-27-2019

Hi, i would like to participate. Then let us know how joinin. Thanks for allKrill

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Sl@va - 01-29-2019

Hey Fred, just post your team here.

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Mirio - 02-06-2019

Team "Originale Nichtskönner" signs up: GATTS; packer; Mirio

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Silence - 02-07-2019

Here is my team : Kult, Krill , Silence

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Sl@va - 02-11-2019

Hi, seems each time we gather to play cup games there is always lack of one teammate in each team. So let's agree to gather on cup server in 19:30 of CET (+/- some time), then depending on which teams are there we can play some cup games.

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Sl@va - 02-14-2019

Hi, seems currently only half games of initial stage was played and some players can't play during weekdays. So I decided to move final stage to Sunday of this week (February 17).
Also, forgot to mention, I made mumble server for cup: mumble.regulars.win , if you need mumble server to speak with your teammates you can try it.

RE: 3v3 CTF/Insta+Hook Cup - Sl@va - 03-03-2019

Cup ended, welcome our winners: [Image: 8.gif] Vampy + [Image: 55.gif] sinety + [Image: 55.gif] doctor. Also, here's demos from cup.