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Rotating Skybox Idea - Asgar - 08-08-2010

Hey there,
i want to ask if we can try to do in Xonotic an rotating skybox like in Unreal Tournament 99


Its an video of Facing Worlds, and there u can see really good how the sky rotates.

I want to ask this coz then it will feel like u really play in space.

Hope i get an answer soon!!


RE: Rotating Skybox Idea - master[mind] - 08-08-2010

It's an awesome idea, but from experience, it makes playing the game much harder. In Shattered Horizon it messes up your ability to snipe accurately. It would be interesting though.

RE: Rotating Skybox Idea - Roanoke - 08-08-2010

It can probably be cvared easily.

If it can be implemented, that is.

RE: Rotating Skybox Idea - CuBe0wL - 08-10-2010

It can't. At least not without major engine hacks.
Won't happen for now.

RE: Rotating Skybox Idea - Rad Ished - 08-10-2010

can models be func_rotating?
A big sphere with a skydome texture on the inside of it.
they cant can they, pfff.
Feels like i just lost the game.
ow again , crap.
No more please
get `OUT!