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Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 02-26-2019

Not turning out the way I wanted it to.



RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - _para - 02-26-2019

Lol I kinda had the same idea some time ago. Problem were the warpzons indeed. Not only can't you define the angle(which could be solved by implementing a variable or a 2nd direction-target) but the second problem would be rendering warpzones inside of warpzones which would make parts invisible viewed from certain angles unless you rebuild the map with dummy-structures behind each warpzone. (but then the lighting would be odd and no players visible)

I guess your map is doomed for now if you can't sacrifice a lot of your thoughts and just go with the geometry and some fun portals. :/

EDIT: Nice to see you proving me wrong. Smile https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=7976&pid=84617#pid84617

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 02-26-2019

Well OK. 
Someone move this thread to development as a feature request then.

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - _para - 02-27-2019

Another thought I had is this map:

It's really intelligent warpzone mindfuck. Not the best cts map but the illusion is seamless while it looks like the players are moving on the outsides of a cube.
Maybe this gives some inspiration for a good solution.

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 02-28-2019


P.D.: Read carefully the entity description and then read it once more.

Edit: Added an screenshot

[Image: KSzvTNp.jpg]


RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 02-28-2019

I have made it in two different ways:

Warpzone (targetname: WZ1) <= => misc_warpzone_position (target: WZ1)
Warpzone (killtarget: plop) <= => target_position (targetname: plop)

The "position" entity is, in both cases, what must be rotated to the desired angles.

Umm... there is a problem: it seems to affect to the two connected warpzones, so I can not have different rotations for each.


RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 03-01-2019

Ok thanks.
Well now I have another problem.
I kept playing around with the rotations and I have no idea how I got what I wanted. 
At first I thought it was wrong because the stairs aren't lining up but then I realized the position of misc_warpzone_position also offsets warpzone position.
Now I'm in some weird trial and error scuffle rotating X and Z, trying to get what I want.

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 03-01-2019

ok, first put your position entity like this:

[Image: 2gcXsfE.png]

As you see in the screenshot, It is centerd with the warpzone surface.

Now get the right place in Netradiant's camera view:

[Image: IqiFK2c.png]

Now you are in the back of the position enity and you see the arrow. Now open the "Modify/Arbritary rotation..." panel
and make some small rotation while you are observing the arrow of the entity.

In this way you know exactly the direction the entity rotates.



RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 03-01-2019

I found I can't rotate it to get what I want apparently- it specifically has to be flipped. I have no idea how I got my warpzone to line up as I wanted to the first time, but I find I can't just flip the misc_warpzone_position entity either.

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 03-02-2019

ok, I have done it:

[Image: 0NtwUSV.jpg]

[Image: 414DA33.jpg]

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 03-02-2019

[Image: fWZrnuO.png]

The trick is to not use warpzone functions.  Do it yourself manually.

I have created the same effect with a trigger_teleport brush and a func_camera brush.

The func_camera brush is textured with common/camera in the front surface and common/nodraw in the other sides.

The target_position for the func_camera does not need any rotation, it is the common/camera surface what you can
rotate and/or flip in the desired direction (vertical flip is what you want).

The misc_teleporter_dest entity can be rotated too if you want the player to spawn upside-down when teletransported.


RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 03-02-2019

func_camera is easy to understand:

[Image: OuFZrTF.png]

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - _para - 03-02-2019

Wow nice stuff Julius! But I think it kinda defeats the purpose of having a mindfuck level. :/

The problems I see are:
-the cameras view doesnt move (or maybe theres an option? or you could attach the target_position to a vectormanmanman or use the vmmm instead)
-can't seemless transition to where you want nor shoot :/

But i can see good use of this in other maps Smile

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 03-03-2019

My problem is that I'm using a trapezoid and not a rectangle or square.
So I can get the result I want with the patch mesh (image #2, that helps me preview how the stairs are going to be) by flipping it vertically, but I can't do so for the misc_warpzone_position entity.
I did try to flip th e warp plane surface, but that doesnt seem to help either.

I have no idea how I managed to get my result in image #3 of my last post.
* the warp plane is a pentagon, but the previewing patch mesh is a trapezoid

Edit: ok i got it now

RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Julius - 03-04-2019


RE: Want Upside-Down Warpzones - Antares* - 03-06-2019

I horizontally flipped the func group of brushes. lol