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Segmentation fault on launch - Gouldron - 04-06-2019

So I've been working on getting Xonotic to work on a Raspberry Pi 3 for a few weeks now, and while I have been making slow progress, I have now reached the point where I just don't know what to do anymore.

While the game is launching, Xonotic seems to segfault when it tries to load the client. From the output, it seems that it is unable to load the program that the game resides in.

I have already tried the following things:
  • Switching between full KMS and fake KMS OpenGL drivers.
  • Increasing and decreasing GPU memory split.
  • Trying both stable 0.8.2 and git build.
  • Alter the clocking of the GPU and CPU.
  • Updating the system.
The output to the command line when I try to launch is here: https://privatebin.net/?1860e866db87440d#gzJCPDD39xuwJc7lid8sx+Rg4SYq8nMDElu74JhCQXE=

Does anyone know what is causing this, or have any ideas on what to do?