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Windows 10 -basedir problem - BlazedRasta - 06-10-2019

so, I have recently downloaded xonotic and when i try to launch i get the "You may consider adding -basedir /path/game to your command line" issue I don't understand commands and all that well so someone please simplify

RE: Windows 10 -basedir problem - _para - 06-11-2019

I got the same problem when launching it by the xonotic.exe. However not when launching the same exe via shortcut so just create a shortcut to it and launch it this way.

RE: Windows 10 -basedir problem - martin-t - 06-13-2019

Are you both on 0.8.2 or did you try using autobuild? Did you extract the zip before trying to launch Xon? Also don't move the exe anywhere else - it needs to stay in the extracted folder to be able to find the data.

RE: Windows 10 -basedir problem - AlexRobbinson - 03-21-2023

The "basedir" error message can be a bit confusing, but basically what it's telling you is that the game needs to know where to look for certain files. You'll want to add a command line argument to your xonotic launch command to fix this. All you need to do is add "-basedir /path/game" to the end of the command you use to launch xonotic.

RE: Windows 10 -basedir problem - AlexVelasquez - 03-21-2023

I know I'm replying too late, but perhaps this information will be useful to someone else. Basically, what the error message is saying is that you need to specify the path to the game's directory in the command line when launching the game to simplify things for you. So if you installed Xonotic in "C:\Games\Xonotic", for example, you’d need to add "-basedir C:\Games\Xonotic" to your command line. Additionally, you might want to check out the windows 10 product key reddit community. These communities can be a great resource for troubleshooting issues and getting tips on optimizing your system for gaming and other tasks. Also, you can find recommendations of reputable vendors where you can purchase legit Windows 10 keys to ensure the correct operation of programs and to avoid any potential legal issues.