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Performance on AMD? - Aguaumreal - 07-13-2019

I'm sorry for opening another Performance Thread. However i'm kinda "unhappy" with how xonotic performs on my system. I recently upgraded my old GPU. And because i hardly play  other games anymore i thought that a  AMD RX 570 + my "good" old i5 2500k and 16GB DDR  would be more than enough for xonotic. 
The game runs mostly at around 200+ fps (capped) on "Normal" Settings (with some decreased particle effects). However especially in Multiplayer there can be some nasty drops. Although i never get less than 80-100fps the fps then feel very "stuttery" when that happens.
However xonotic seems to hardly use my GPU at all. I monitored my  GPU and it actually hardly clocks up for xonotic and almost always remains in idle-mode  while still producing around 200fps (uncapping might increase framerates  but doesn't change the gpu or cpu behaviour), same goes for my CPU (which is only around 40-60% usage). I did some research, disabled reflections what seemed to help for a bit and disabled dynamic lights which didn't seem to help that much and makes the game much harder to play because you cant see where your rocket is (because of no lights on the ground).

I guess either something is "wrong" with my setup, the drivers support the game just badly or it's just the game. But it seems crazy to me that i can run doom 2016 and Overwatch maxxed (pretty much the only "recent" games i own) at decent framerates while xonotic is giving me trouble.
Is there any "secret" setting i don't know off?  I'm on windows 10 x64, using the latest autobuild (which seems to run better).

RE: Performance on AMD? - Lyberta - 07-13-2019

Xonotic uses QuakeC which is extremely hostile to CPU cache because it allocates a lot of memory and uses it very sparsely. I could only get good performance on almost max settings on AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and AMD Radeon RX 590 - that's the best mainstream AMD CPU from 2018 and best mainstream GPU from the same year (I consider Vega to be enthusiast).

Your CPU has just 6 MiB of L3 cache, QuakeC destroys it immediately. My CPU has 16 MiB which is just enough to keep most of the meaningful QuakeC data in cache.

So I guess nowadays you can upgrade to AMD Ryzen 7 3700X which is at the same 329$ launch price as my CPU, released a week ago and has 32 MiB of cache. I'm pretty sure that would be enough to cache all meaningful QuakeC data. Or if you have money to spare you can go AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and get that sweet sweet 64 MiB of cache. That should make Xonotic QuakeC silky smooth in all situations.

RE: Performance on AMD? - Aguaumreal - 07-13-2019

Thank you for that info. That's pretty interesting to know. Now i at least know whats the "reason" for my issues. Do you have any advice what setting to lower to get best results? Sooner or later i gonna upgrade to Ryzen anyways.

RE: Performance on AMD? - Lyberta - 07-13-2019

QuakeC layout is compiled so there is no way to reduce the cache issues with QuakeC with config files. You can tweak graphics but don't expect miracles.