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Minsta Settings - Aguaumreal - 09-08-2019

Hey i wanted to setup a Minsta Server for a small Lan-Party. However it doesn't seem to be enough to choose the "hook" mutator. Somehow the speed of the hook seems wrong and it plays a lot different compared to the Settings i know from The Regulars server. What settings do i need to change or is there any cfg file i can download?

RE: Minsta Settings - Mario - 09-08-2019

In the core game, the grappling hook is a weapon you can find on maps occasionally, its flight speed is balanced for that. The speed you will find on the public InstaGib servers differs to this (in fact, it will differ from server to server as there is no standard agreed upon).
For a reference setting, this is what has been used on the SMB servers for the past decade: g_balance_grapplehook_speed_fly 5000
You can set that by accessing the game's console on the computer you want to host the LAN party from, with the console key (~ or SHIFT+ESC).

RE: Minsta Settings - Aguaumreal - 09-09-2019

Thank you that was the setting i was looking for.