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[MAP] The Highest Ground (The Longest Yard remake) - AriosJentu - 09-28-2019

Hi. This map is just remake of The Longest Yard from Quake 3/4 and Quake Champions. This map designed in red brick style facility in space. Map is done with design, but not fully with optimizations. If you have suggestions, welcome to comments). In little corridors on first floor there is warpzone.

Update 1.05:
- Fix walls bug
- Rebuild map in high quality (cuz new laptop)
- Make new waypoints

Update 1.04:
- Add lamps
- Fix some walls

[Image: PAYHXBL.jpg] [Image: RLDvK0X.jpg]

Update 1.03:
- Replace third level platform sides from brushes to curves, make it with more round elements
- Replace some rock textures size, to make it more detailed
- Fix some elements, which is not fully connected with them nearest walls

[Image: cIp4iQk.jpg]

Update 1.02:
- Fixed caulk bug on crylink floor
- Fixed bug with tile near central jumppad
- Add little rock part for crylink platform
- Add connecting bridges for highest place on map

[Image: EI1WPk3.jpg] [Image: 6QoWF5I.jpg] [Image: wVApF7P.jpg]

Update 1.01:
- Fixed caulk bug on central
- Add clip box on vortex platform for broken tiles
- Make hurt box lower to make access for some rocks

Update 1.0:
- Removed unnecessary hurt-triggers from map
- Replace ground with rocks
- Rename map from thg to thehighestground

[Image: ukTQhqK.jpg] [Image: hcj77Fm.jpg] [Image: 3GlB51Q.jpg]

Old version:

[Image: KL1HZf4.jpg] [Image: xQ7FtwR.jpg] [Image: LjKvDjO.jpg] [Image: XfcFwOZ.jpg] [Image: EMkT0CG.jpg] [Image: 05S0htF.jpg] [Image: SDXbtXp.jpg] [Image: CW6UnXR.jpg] [Image: nxdGE40.jpg] [Image: FY88PPV.jpg] [Image: fQAjQCJ.jpg] [Image: lV9vfpr.jpg]

Now you can download and compile map by yourself from my branch, PK3 you can find in attachments.
Enjoy Smile

RE: [MAP] The Highest Ground (The Longest Yard remake) - BuddyFriendGuy - 10-10-2019

I like it! It's got some fresh invention. Thank you. Hosted on BfgFun.

RE: [MAP] The Highest Ground (The Longest Yard remake) - nAnXiety - 10-29-2019

I just played this on buddyfriendlyguys server. I am seriously impressed. This makes the quake champions map look like a joke. Super smooth awesome map. Highest respect man.

RE: [MAP] The Highest Ground (The Longest Yard remake) - bones_was_here - 10-31-2019

Very nice work, looks like the best version of this map Smile

However, it seems that lightmaps are broken, and deluxe maps look even worse.  It looks OK if I disable them, but they are on by default, and it would look better with proper shadows.

Also please replace the pipes texture, the one used in the arch windows and lower parts of indoor walls.  It's ok on the ceilings, but looks bad in the windows and on the walls.

Nit picking:
These corners on the insides of the doors are annoying, you can get stuck on them:

These curved bits look weird because their textures are cut off by the curve:

RE: [MAP] The Highest Ground (The Longest Yard remake) - AriosJentu - 01-18-2020

Update 1.05 with fixing wall bug, rebuild lighting textures, and add new bot waypoints.