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Some singleplayer campaigns I created (VERSION 2!) - Wuzzy - 10-06-2019

Hi! Here you will find a collection of singleplayer campaigns for Xonotic 0.8.2 because I think the official campaign is too short. There are campaigns for nearly all game modes on all maps, with some special levels to include mutators like InstaGib, Vampire, Low Gravity, etc. Each campaign starts off easy and will get harder at harder levels.

There are over 200 levels in total, so this should keep you busy for a while. :-)

This campaign collection is meant to replace the default campaign (“Xonotic 0.8.2 Campaign by Mirio”) eventually.

Game mode campaigns:
  • Clan Arena Campaign
  • Freeze Tag Campaign
  • Deathmatch Campaign
  • Keepaway Campaign
  • Team Deathmatch Campaign
  • Capture the Flag Campaign
  • Domination Campaign
  • Last Man Standing Campaign
  • Key Hunt Campaign
  • Tactical Campaign: Onslaught and Assault
Special campaigns:
  • Race Challenges: Run through the map and try to beat the clock. 3 difficulty levels.
  • Weapon Arena: Each level only has one weapon. The last level is Most Weapons.
The campaigns are compatible with version 0.8.2.

How to install:
If you're on GNU/Linux or something similar, unzip the Zip file from this post's attachment and move the *.txt files inside into:
. I don't know how to install it in other systems (sorry).

In the Xonotic source code, you can install these under:


Player feedback is much appreciated!

RE: Some singleplayer campaigns I created - Aguaumreal - 10-09-2019

Nice job. I always love some new camapigns (i like the duelcampaign i downloaded somewhere). However the only problem with them is that Bots go really hard on the Performance and for that reason camapaigns especially with more bots seem to have issues.

RE: Some singleplayer campaigns I created - Lyberta - 10-09-2019

I think "campaign" may be completely redefined.

You would have a matrix of all maps and gamemodes and (uhh, I guess technically that would be higher dimensions) difficulty, mutators... For every win you get a checkbox and the goal is to fill everything with checkboxes.

RE: Some singleplayer campaigns I created (version 2) - Wuzzy - 11-09-2019

Major update! I have completey my Campaign Series. I have rewritten the 1st post. VERSION 2 is now out!
All campaigns have been completely reworked and there are now campaigns for basically every game mode. There are now over 200 levels in total, including some special levels with mutators (just like in the official campaign). This should keep you busy in singleplayer now. :-) There are also new special Race Challenge where you race against the clock.
It took a very long time to put this all together, because I took a long time with playtesting. I hope it all turned out well in the end.
As I previously said, everything here is meant to replace the default campaign because I think it's too short.

@Lyberta: I think this now is kinda similar to your “Matrix” idea, because pretty much every map and game mode is covered. Even some mutators are covered, but not every possible combination (that would be REALLY overkill!).
The difficulty is just like in the default campaign. Low bot skill at early levels, higher bot skill at later levels. Because that's just how the campaign format works. The difficulty setting in the campaign menu (Easy/Medium/Hard) is really useless. It just modifies the level-provided bot skill by 2 at most. There are 11 possible bot skill levels, so this change is very narrow. So playing the first level on Hard is still very easy.
I like how OpenArena did this. Just a series of deathmatches but you can play every level at every difficulty (5 difficulty levels) and it displays a medal for the highest difficulty you have achieved in each level. Playing the first level on “Nightmare!” is still very hard. It was really challenging (and fun!) to beat every level on Nightmare! Smile
I think your matrix idea might be a bit overkill, but the way how Xonotic lets you choose difficulty in singleplayer needs to change. Maybe not exactly like in OpenArena (11 skill levels are quite a lot). But this is something to discuss elsewhere.
Anyway, these campaigns I made should still work just fine in Xonotic as they are now.


Anyway, I really like to hear feedback from anyone who plays these. Especially comments about balancing or fun factor are important to me.
Maybe, just maybe, this could even make its way into official Xonotic, because only official maps are used. Basically this is just like the official campaign, except it's MOAR. Smile