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New sounds in next version (0.8.3) - Wuzzy - 10-06-2019

In Xonotic git, I noticed that Xonotic will feature new sounds. Have you checked them out?

Here's what I think about it:
Most sounds are nice improvements. Mostly new weapon sounds. It's a nice refresher.
I especially agree with the shotgun sound change. The reloading sound was removed, it's now only a loud "BANG". Which makes sense, when you think about it, since the shotgun never reloads in Xonotic. Not much to say about the rest …

But the health pickup sounds will be changed as well. Radically. I don't really like these. They are now just simple “pings” which sound more like GUI sounds than a health pickup.
The mega health sound is especially disappointing. It's much quieter and more suble than the 0.8.2. The 0.8.2 mega sound has a very loud and distinct (!) sound. You can never overhear a mega health pickup. With the new sound … I'm not so sure about that. So this might be a serious (accidental) nerf as well.
Can we please keep the 0.8.2 health pickup sounds? IMO those are just perfect. I don't see why you would remove them.

I also think the health pickup sounds sound dangerously similar to portions of the “zzzzz” song. It always throws me off when playing on Xoylent, and I mistake the music for the health pickup, or vice-versa.

RE: New sounds in next version (0.8.3) - Mario - 10-07-2019

For the record, the new health pickup sounds still contain the original sounds in them, it's just overlaid with a kind of potion-like sound to make them more audible from a distance.

RE: New sounds in next version (0.8.3) - Aguaumreal - 10-09-2019

I got used to the health sounds pretty fast. I think the new sounds are pretty nice so far. However i wish there would be more "taunts". But that's just my old UT Passion speaking.