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[MAP] Square B4 - _para - 10-08-2019

So this is another quick idea that I kept building.

It's basically an arena-styled arena with slick floor on the lower part. I really made sure that each ramp and angle I could find useful is usable and combinable in many different ways for maintaining a high speed easily. For more crazy movement I added 2 hooks(1 ill spawn), jetpack and fuel-regen. Instead of the jetpack there could also spawn a vortex. (the non-minsta-nex)

The item-placement should encourage you to fight predominantly with projectile weapons while surfing. That way you can maintain your armor and ammo. For health and the sniper you have to go slower on the upper floor being away from the fight.
There's also an impulse-field on the slick part to boost your acceleration while surfing.

Beta 4 brings some more details such as green lights for making areas I intendet for trickjumps to be more obvious and orange to keep track of difficult corners at high speeds. Also the spawns are even more spread out and placed to counter some spawncamping.

Download B4

Here I'm capping 6 flags in 2min:

[Image: 6qL0gAh.jpg]
[Image: JXBb5Ag.jpg]
more images (2/8): https://imgur.com/gallery/3m2DnnD

It's playable on regulars servers. And on Breakfast's and Jeff's servers (with vehicles).

I hope you like it and that it encourages newbies to also try those crazy movement possibilities in Xonotic. Either way please leave feedback if you got any.

RE: [MAP] Square B4 - BuddyFriendGuy - 10-10-2019

Stunning! hosted on BfgFun