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chooksta's album! - chooksta - 08-14-2010

hello , this was made for fun , hope you guys like it
my little present to the awesome community!

big thanks to antibody for the cover picts!

and a big ty to the others who helped




RE: chooksta's album! - It'sMe - 08-14-2010

nice job, chooksta!
some new soundtracks for maps Smile

RE: chooksta's album! - Antibody - 08-14-2010

Woohoo! Great work chookie, as usual.

RE: chooksta's album! - unfa - 09-10-2010

Downloading Big Grin

RE: chooksta's album! - unfa - 09-10-2010

Good work, Chooksta Big Grin Trippy as 5h1+!

Will you release this on Jamendo.com?

I like the covers also Smile

RE: chooksta's album! - CrrazzyRulezz - 09-12-2010

great chookWink

RE: chooksta's album! - chooksta - 09-13-2010


all for u awesome guys!



chooksta t-album - lamefun - 12-15-2013

Does anyone have it? Link is dead.

RE: chooksta t-album - Mr. Bougo - 12-15-2013

(12-15-2013, 08:05 AM)lamefun Wrote: Does anyone have it? Link is dead.

Post merged into the original thread...

RE: chooksta's album! - Antibody - 12-16-2013

You can find the album on my website here.

RE: chooksta's album! - -maniac|Su- - 12-16-2013

... or just take a look in chooksta┬┤s Custom User Title:


here you are Tongue

GreetZ Su

RE: chooksta's album! - unfa - 12-23-2013

Hey, It'll be great to put this album on Jamendo.
I'd be easier to spread it!

RE: chooksta's album! - chooksta - 10-12-2016

Wow this is old!



RE: chooksta's album! - Beagle - 10-12-2016

Download link doesn't work too Tongue

RE: chooksta's album! - unfa - 04-10-2017

The OMPloader link is long gone Sad

Chooksta, could you upload it to some site like bandcamp.com or jamendo.com? They'll host your music forever for free and make it easily availabile Smile