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with exporting md3.(solved) - DarkFox - 03-17-2020

I need help.
I'm working in blender 2.79 and can't export the MD3 weapon model correctly. I export the md3 model, but when I run the game in the hands of the player there is nothing. Huh
I tried exporting in the beginning to obj format, and then using the Noesis program to make md3. It worked. But the model has neither material nor texture. How do I make a model look right? I've already done a UV scan (unwrap) and put the texture in the textures folder , but the model doesn't have any color.
If you know what I'm doing wrong or you know any guide please tell me.

RE: with exporting md3. - martin-t - 03-17-2020

I know nothing about exporting MD3 but as a quick sanity check - have you seen our wiki? https://gitlab.com/xonotic/xonotic/-/wikis/home#modeling

A lot of it is outdated and almost nobody bothers with it. I can't fix everything, especially regarding things i don't know anything about so if you do figure out a way, please update the wiki (or if you don't have access, at least tell me what to update).

RE: with exporting md3. - DarkFox - 03-17-2020

Thanks, I watched it. Unfortunately I didn 't find what I was looking for. I know very little about the md3 format .

I will try to use various old versions of blender and various addons that I can find , and if I solve the problem on my own I will definitely write.

RE: with exporting md3. - DarkFox - 03-18-2020

The newest addon that exports correctly is io_export_md3-2.81 https://forums.duke4.net/topic/5358-blender-27-md3-export-script/page__st__60__p__333414#entry333414
Link for older versions - https://www.katsbits.com/tools/ .

This is a script for version 2.81 . Link to the program - https://download.blender.org/release/
You can try this - https://mino-git.github.io/rtcw-wet-blender-model-tools/user_guide.html
(If the blender newer than 2.80 doesn't work on your computer then use version 2.78c or older)
I tested the md3-2.63a_export addon for version 2.63a . Found big errors, so I don't recommend this (at least for exporting weapons). There are also script problems for version 2.72 .
Older scripts written in Python may not work correctly in newer versions. Therefore, it is better to export in the version for which they are written.

MD3 EXPORT INSTRUCTIONS FOR VERSIONS  2.78c, 2.66a , 2.60a AND 2.53 beta
(for versions starting from 2.66a , triangulation works when exporting.)
After you have modeled the model, make a UV scan and put all the textures in the textures folder.
For proper export to md3 , the grid must consist of triangles. Convert faces to triangles.
On the "Object" tab of the Properties window panel, find "Custom Properties". Click "Add", Then click edit.
In the "Property Name" write - md3shader
In "Property Value", write the name of the texture to load (For example fireball , for textures fireball.tga, fireball_norm.tga .....)
When exporting, specify the extension to md3 and place it in the weapons folder.
For the export of arms I created the file v_*. md3 (to see first-and third-person views). You may need to run the game several times and adjust the size and position of the model in blender. Perform the operation until everything works correctly. Then you can proceed to further actions.
If you don't understand something, download the v_shotgun file.blend https://gitlab.com/xonotic/mediasource/tree/master/models/weapons/v_weapons
And see how everything is set up there.
(To use the md3 model in netradiant , in blender, write the full text in "Property Value" (For example: models/containers/barrel01  , for the texture barrel01.tga ). Accordingly, the texture should be where you put it, for example, next to the model.
You may also need to name the material by the same name as the texture.)
That's all I know. If someone knows another, faster, better and more convenient way, please let us know.
The program is constantly updated and Addons are created along with it , including by Amateurs on various forums. If you find a newer one that works, at least give us a link.

For more links, see:
addon version 2.78c - https://forums.duke4.net/topic/5358-blender-27-md3-export-script/ 
addon version 2.66a - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=...0&start=45  (https://www.ciinet.org/kevin/myimages2/doom/misc/gzdoom_md3_export.zip)

Other useful links see below from _para

RE: with exporting md3. - martin-t - 03-18-2020

Ok, i added a link to this thread to the Modeling page. If you wanna improve the wiki yourself, you can ask for access using your gitlab account.

RE: with exporting md3. - _para - 03-23-2020

Yo late to the party but had this discussion on discord and wanted to add that knowledge to here:

That's a plugin for blender to support .md3.

Aaaand another tool that can convert to .md3: https://richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php (I used this to convert from .bsp to .md3 and had pretty decent results)

RE: with exporting md3. - DarkFox - 03-23-2020

Thank you for the helpful links. I will try these scripts.

RE: with exporting md3. - _para - 03-23-2020

No problem. I got even more (not tested what works tho):




this one looks like gold (md3):

RE: with exporting md3. - DarkFox - 03-23-2020

I updated my post. Thank you _para ! You've been very helpful. Smile Heart Heart

I'm glad there are so many ways. People may not have the money to buy a new computer for a new version of the program.  And they can work even on older hardware and choose the version and method that suits them.