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Hello, possibly new developer - LegendGuard - 04-06-2020

Hello, I'm LegendGuard, I think that some developers and some people know me in the game, IRC and Discord.
Humbly, I'm here to support the project and learn things.
I hope that we get along, that everything goes well and that things get better! Smile 

Best regards,

RE: Hello, possibly new developer - martin-t - 04-06-2020

Morning, LegendGuard, welcome to Xonotic.

If you haven't found these already, you'll find them useful (assuming you want to work on the gamecode):

GLHF in your upcoming duels against the language and codebase and remember:

War is peace,
Comments are irrelevant,
Macros are strength.

RE: Hello, possibly new developer - Lyberta - 04-06-2020

Yep, we really need to fork DarkPlaces and destroy QuakeC with extreme prejudice. Learn it to destroy it!

RE: Hello, possibly new developer - DarkFox - 04-07-2020

Hello and welcome. We are happy to welcome new developers. I wish you success in your endeavors and also wish everything to be good.

RE: Hello, possibly new developer - LegendGuard - 04-21-2020

Thank you for the replies! Smile
I know programming syntax and I have some experience in C# from Unity(game engine). 
I was searching some dev tools for QuakeC, looks like that there is one from Code::Blocks. One of the developers of here, in IRC said that it doesn't care searching a patch/plugin of QuakeC syntax highlignting for a notepad or something and I think that with C syntax highlighting is sufficient.
As I'm beginner in QuakeC, I want to start using a file called "hello.qc" with a created command called "hello" and outputs a print in the console saying "Hello from QC" and after continuing the QuakeC learning.