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Custom made crosshairs - Draena - 04-15-2020

I made some crosshairs to fill my needs so I decided it would be nice to share them with you :-)
This package contains crosshairs from dra1 to dra15. If you decompress the file, you should have the source xcf file for gimp   Wink

I hope you like it!

[EDIT] The file has been updating following Mario's advice Wink I will make screenshots when I can, have patience  Smile

RE: Custom made crosshairs - Mario - 04-16-2020

Nice to see some fresh content in this area! Just a heads up, crosshairs actually accept strings for the name, not just numbers, so you could label these as such to future-proof this pack (in-case more crosshairs are added to master):
Users would then set crosshair to "dra1" or "dra2" etc.

RE: Custom made crosshairs - Draena - 04-19-2020

Here are some screenshots

RE: Custom made crosshairs - Draena - 04-19-2020

More screenshots

RE: Custom made crosshairs - Cortez666 - 04-21-2020

reminds me of something.,, 
sadly most of the screenshots are lost due filehoster, but this one survived.
I think you get the idea.