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Player models. Import to blender, export to xonotic. - Snekky - 04-19-2020

Please consider provide links on files or helpful information (i have read gitlabs guides like 'Blender to IQM' and 'sauerbraten' site but still have questions)
  • 1. Import iqm (base for a model which you want to port) model to blender and which script you are using?
Quote:I searched all over around internet and found a lot of these, most of them give errors when i try to import, or when model is exported there's simple just armature without any mesh data, or it doesn't writes assigned materials into .iqe file. (yes i checked armature and mesh export in settings of exporter) 
  • 2. When you are making new mesh/armature, if there's limits for engine of xonotic, like maximum count of polygons, bones for armature, size of textures and etc?
  • 3. If i change armature how to import animations in blender and edit so it wouldn't be looks too freaky?
  • 4. How to use several materials for a model and change effects like shadeless, fullbright and etc for textures?
  • 5. Export.
Quote:Is there some tricky part with iqe, iqm? Because when i try to export, iqm script creates 200 kb file which can't be opened in any model viewer and just invisible in game. When i try to go iqe way, with exporting mesh and all animations separately 1 by 1, changing material data (animations smh doesn't containt it) in every .iqe, and creating .bat file to use iqm.exe '.iqe to .iqm converter' it doesn't creates anything.
  • 6. Which files of a model should be in xonotic data folder at the end of porting?
Thanks for your attention Heart Exclamation

RE: Player models. Import to blender, export to xonotic. - DarkFox - 04-19-2020

I don't know much about iqm , but maybe this will help you: