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Compiling on Elbrus - DJs3000 - 06-30-2020

Hello! I'm trying to compile Xonotic on the Elbrus computer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbrus_2000
I encountered a problem at the configuration stage, the "minizip" module does not find it. screenshot
I can't just do "apt install minizip", I need to build everything from the source code. minizip is part of zlib and I build and install minizip separately, but xonotic doesn't see minizip. How much minizip is needed and can I opt out of it?

RE: Compiling on Elbrus - poVoq - 07-03-2020

You got some exotic hardware there Smile
I can't really help you with this specific question, and Darkplaces engine compilation questions is a topic very few people can probably answer here.
What I know is that all files are stored zip compressed (those pk3 files are renamed zip files), so that is a rather vital function.