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Ridgebeam checking in - Ridgebeam - 07-21-2020

Greetings,  Big Grin

Ridgebeam here checking in. I've been playing Xonotic for about 9 months.

I am 34 a year old male, married with one child (daughter)  Angel  born and raised in Oklahoma.

I Grew up playing Tanarus, Quake 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo, StarCraft, C&C, Etc. - Oh, the classic dial-up days, Open Battle.net, shareware... Man - nostalgia is real.

I especially LOVED Tanarus, on online tank-first-person-shooter! Many hours were spent ranking up. Tanarus was really awesome and kept me coming back for more every day. Mostly because of the rank system. But the combat strategy was DEEP for its time (even for this time).

I discovered that I really enjoy the aspect of "clan gaming" during my youth. I really like the idea of trying to "gamify" the time I get to play games. Gamify would be earning medals, ranks, awards, etc. just for playing a game or being active on a website.

Xonotic, in certain ways, reminds me of the feelings I got while playing online during the times I just described. AND I LOVE IT!  Heart

So, I started a clan and a website in order to satiate my nostalgia. A goal with this website is to create a community for NEW players to xonotic who might also enjoy the same style of clan gaming that I do.

An additional goal is to provide an avenue for community contests. Chief among these is the ranks portion of the website. The aim is to give players a rank(graphical cosmetic award on a website) based on a very easy formula of actual game stats. You play. You earn. (I'm not a programmer. it's just for fun. I have not officially gone "live" with this entire website yet, it is still a work in progress) 

(I wanted to post this here and get some feedback first).

Nice to meet you, see you on the server!


RE: Ridgebeam checking in - LegendGuard - 07-21-2020

Hello, Ridgebeam
Welcome to Xonotic, it's good that you have played these games to increase your experience as a shooter.
Enjoy your stay and good luck!

RE: Ridgebeam checking in - DarkFox - 07-22-2020

Hello and welcome!
We wish you success in the game and happy fragging!