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Kotangєns' independent server - Kotangens - 07-30-2020

You will feel free - do whatever your heart desires
Location: Germany;
Hosted by: Morosophos;
Admins:Kotangєns; Morosophos;
Maps: enter in console („~“ or Esc+Shift ) lsmaps; in game chat /maps
IRC: #clanexe (kot message in start)
     gametypes:dm tdm ctf ca lms ons as  inv dom kh

commands:lootbox random_weaponarena gametype_is only_gametype nextrandom randomtype timelimit map bot_number nix endless_on g_weaponarena grappling_hook instagib rm new_toys_0 new_toys_1 default_votable random_votable sv_gravity default_mode slowmo restart fraglimit chmap gotomap nextmap frags_on endmatch reducematchtime highlander extendmatchtime g_bloodloss allready kick cointoss movetoauto shuffleteams default_balance kotangens_mode
Tool for commands:lootbox -- like hightime vannila lootbox.
                                   random_weaponarena --- random of number weapons(example: random_weaponarena 2)
                                   gametype_is -- next gametype, default time
                                   only_gametype -- next only gametype(example: only_gametype dm -- only death match)
                                   nextrandom --- from smb mod(but in smb mod is called as gotorandom) --- next random map
                                   randomtype --- like nextrandom --- random gametype
                                   lootbox --- LOOOOOOOOOOT - more loot, than in HIGHTIME VANNILA
                                   default_mode --- Will reset all settings
                                   endless_on --- no frag limit  (example: endless_on 10 -- on 10 minutes, no frags)
                                   default_votable -- reset votable
                                   random_votable -- random set votable(random gametype choise, random map choise)
                                   frags_on -- like endless_on, no time limit (example: frags_on 30 -- end match for 30 frags)
                                   highlander -- like lootbox --- xonotic no items, you start with blaster and someone weapon, if you kill someone, he drop one weapon and few ammo.
                                   default_balance --- reset game's settings;
                                   kotangens_mode --- ruleset kota
Do you think that's all? No, he will develop, he will correct all sorts of little things, add more teams, there will also be a fix for them.

RE: Kotangєns' independent server - Kotangens - 10-05-2020

It is planned to add new sounds here, replacing the rifle with the old one (the new rifle is broken!)
About gitlab: there is a link to the gitlab in the game.(in motd)

RE: Kotangєns' independent server - L497 - 10-07-2020

The anti-camping rule is too much strict, few seconds after few shots and it kills you too many times