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gunalign - -maniac|Su- - 08-23-2020

Hi Folks Smile

is it possible to force gunalign to center on XDF server from serverside whatever cl_gunalign chosen?

What will be the code for server.cfg?

Thanks for reply ...

GreetZ Su

RE: gunalign - Kotangens - 08-23-2020

I remember in some de frag server there is such a function (4 years ago, 0.8.1 version)

RE: gunalign - _para - 08-24-2020

I know you can do it per map in its mapinfo like client_settemp_for_type or something. But why would you force players to have that setting?

RE: gunalign - NoClue - 09-05-2020

Its annoying when you get forced to have that setting. I always hate it when my gun gets uncentered on some servers.

RE: gunalign - Mario - 09-05-2020

Changes were made in newer builds to give the client control over the visual orientation of their weapon, while an option would be possible to force a default setting, that is not in current plans to implement. It should be noted that the visual orientation does not necessarily affect where shots come from, that can be enforced server side.