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ZenSports Xonotic Tournament - kanyeshrayz - 09-01-2020

My name is Jacob and I am the GM of eSports at ZenSports, a peer-to-peer betting startup. In addition to acting as a p2p marketplace for bets, we recently added a tournament hosting feature to our app, and plan to kick it off with a tournament of our own. 

We would like to sponsor a bracket-style, double-elimination bracket for up to 64 Xonotic players/teams for a total prize pool of around $1000, with free entry. 

The event would be streamed in our app through Twitch API, and viewers will have the opportunity to place their own p2p bets on the event. 

The event is not for a few weeks, but I am writing to gauge initial interest, as well as to get suggestions from the community to make this the best event it possibly can be. I have found that the best way to run events is to listen to the players, so please feel free to comment any ideas you might have.  If you are interested in playing, please fill out this 4 question form below:


Here is a link to our website!! http://www.zensports.com 

Looking forward to talking more about the event with all of you,