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Mod overriding vanilla Xonotic - Gary59 - 09-20-2020

I have recently played several games on the INFRAAGH mod servers. Now when I play on any server those settings override my vanilla settings, even when I close the game out, reboot pc, etc, I now have no announcer, except for telling me time remaining, and I cannot hear opponent damage sounds. etc. It makes for a very boring game. Please help. I have always had temporary mod carry overs, like switching from Jeff's Resurrection server to another vanilla server, but nothing permanent ,until now. Someone on a server told me to clear the game cache, but did not explain how. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

RE: Mod overriding vanilla Xonotic - Mirio - 09-21-2020

You can find the folder with files downloaded from servers under ~\USERNAME\Saved Games\xonotic\data\dlcache
You can try to delete all files inside dlcache.