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ZenSports mock Duel Cup - kanyeshrayz - 09-23-2020

Hey all, 
So the final mock event for our 5.000.000 SPORTS Duel Cup will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm CEST. This will be the same format as past mock events. The payout of this event is 200.000 SPORTS. Thanks.

ZenSports Mock Duel Tournament for 200.000 SPORTS

Prize Pool paid in SPORTS

1st: 100.000 

2nd: 50.000

3rd: 35.000

4th: 15.000

Bracket and how to register 

Available on the ZenSports app. Head to more -> play -> to view the bracket once contestants have been finalized. You can also register for the event by heading to more -> play -> ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup. Once you sign up, please respond to this forum post and join the tournament discord, linked below. 


The event will be streamed live on the ZenSports Twitch channel. Participants will be encouraged to stream, however it is not a requirement. twitch.com/zensports.


The event will be open for placing peer to peer bets on the ZenSports app. You can download the app at www.zensports.com make an account, and deposit either SPORTS, BTC, or USD. Once the contestants for the event have been finalized, this post will be updated with all relevant betting info. 

Game Settings

Game Mode: 1v1 Duel

Ruleset: XPM

Timelimit: 10 minutes 

Lead limit: 30

Frag Limit: None

Map Pool:Fuse, Silent Siege, Stormkeep, Darkzone, Hub, downer, finalrage


bo3 Double Elimination Upper Bracket, bo1 Lower Bracket

Lower and Upper Bracket Finals bo3

Grand Finals b05

Map Vetoes


bo5: drop drop 

bo3: drop drop pick pick tie


I'm mostly trusting that people play fair here and won't publish a 200 page rule book. Nevertheless I want to make a few things clear:
  • Check in starts an hour before the event. 
  • Admins have the final say in any controversial decisions
  • Admins may ask for demos at any point. 

  • If a player disconnects or quits before 2:00 minutes have been played, the map will be restarted. Abuse of this will be punished with disqualification.
  • If both teams agree, the game can be restarted even if more than 2 minutes have been played
  • Otherwise a timeout can be called to wait for the disconnected player.

Check-in starts Saturday, September 26th 2020, 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST)

Play starts at 17:00 UTC (19:00 CEST)





Kanyeshrayz, Roger Cadena


Servers are listed as ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup 01-08. They are currently private. 

You can see the list of participants on the ZenSports app.