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Peach (mod) here. - Peach - 09-24-2020

Peach Mod for Xonotic
Peach Mod is an SMBMod derivative that enables advanced movement features i.e. dodging, wall dodging, air dodging, wall climbing and hookplay with non-instagib weapons. The reason for it being called Peach Mod is that in Super Mario Brothers (2) Princess Peach can float. Triple jump is enabled by default so it is like Peach floating. I will soon enable ~GOOMBA STOMP~! as a default setting. Any input on my mod is welcomed and I will return a reply once I see a message.

Putting my contribution for all to learn the advanced movement systems that are in Xonotic/SMBMod/Peach Mod.

You can read the movement/gameplay instructions for Peach Mod here:

Xonotic Peach Mod Controls

Type Peach into multiplayer search and you can join the game.

Controls: Practice all of these and combine them to your advantage in Peach Mod.
Voting : To vote, press ` (tilde without shift) OR shift and escape at the same time. Type vhelp to see the options. Then type vcall voteoption here i.e. vcall extendmatchtime and hit enter. Then press escape. Other people will be able to vote with the function keys on the keyboard. You can see options that can change gameplay style like akon which gives all players the AK at spawn. To reset, do vcall reset which restarts the game with default peach mod settings.
Weapons : The weapons have been adjusted for hook play. The crylink allows you to use the secondary to do jumps far higher than the blaster. This allows you to do super fast, super high jumps, especially with double crylink. The crylink secondary can be used like a push machine gun to knock people off the map. Aim at feet and shoot to bounce upwards.

The rocket refire rate is far faster too. There's lots of fun features of the weapons and their secondary fires. The rockets are more controllable in peach mod.

The vortex secondary fire is slower and uses double ammo, but is ARMOR PIERCING. This means it attacks the health value only. It uses double ammo and is slightly slower. Experiment for fun. Bind a key to +zoom for replacement to vortex zoom.

Piggyback : Pick up bot team mates, and ride human player team mates by pressing the F or dropflag key next to them. You can drop them by pressing F again. The hook won't work beyond like a 45 degree angle while carrying another player.

To use the (vampire) hook, press, the E key. To bind hook to another key, press shift and escape at the same time and then type
bind _key_ "+hook" (press enter)
saveconfig (press enter)
and hit escape key... Replace _key_ with e or ctrl, etc without the underscores.
To walljump, you move towards or backwards into a wall and repetitively tap jump key, typically SPACE while holding onto WASD/directioning into the wall. You can do this while hooking to climb any obstacles.
To triple jump you press jump, typically SPACE up to three times. You can save an extra jump to stop yourself from falling off a map to hook to an object. You can triple jump while hooking to change direction while in air as well.
Doubletap any directional key, WASD to dodge. You can repeat around walls accelerate way faster without interruption. You can do the same to wallclimb by aiming up next to a wall and repetatively tap a directional.
If you aim down at the ground and keep continually tapping back key, S in most cases, you will start flying upwards. Likewise if you aim up and repetatively tap forward directional quickly you start flying. Air dodging is enabled, so sometimes you can dodge in a direction in the air after being up there, but only once.
To use the vampire hook to drain your enemies or transfer life force to your teammates, press the E key and hold onto it while your target is in sight. You can hook people and attack them/others at the same time.

To break somebody's hook attachment, you can shoot a blaster/rocket/electro hit at where the hook end is.

To drag a person who is frozen, you can use your hook (typically E key) and drag them around the map.

To run up a building, you can aim up while directioning to the wall and repetatively tap foward.

To ski jump, on a map like skybowl, you can hook a wall that is curved / slanted and hold onto the jump key to be flung up into the sky.

RE: Peach (mod) here. - Peach - 09-24-2020

Gameplay Video Links : Feel Free to Share
Updated Links in the List : Try Watching Again
~Sep 28 2020

Peach Mod Gameplay 1 - Afterslime
Peach Mod Gameplay 2 - mental-gap-beta4
Peach Mod Gameplay 3 - mental-gap-beta4 (continued)
Peach GPL SMBMod Gameplay 04 - MiniDeck
Peach GPL SMBMod Gameplay 05 - Implosion (No Pinata is Now Default)
Peach Mod - Facing Worlds - CTF - Peach vs Gman - 1 of 3
Peach Mod - Facing Worlds - CTF - Peach vs Gman - 2 of 3
Peach Mod - Facing Worlds - CTF - Peach vs Gman - 3 of 3
Peach Mod Gameplay 7 - PushChess
Peach Mod Gameplay 8 - SilverCityReloaded
Peach Mod Gameplay 9.1/2 - KeepAway - Skybowl
Peach Mod Gameplay 9.2/2 - KeepAway - Skybowl
Peach Mod Gameplay 10.1/2 - CTF - mmkitch_double
Peach Mod Gameplay 10.2/2 - CTF - mmkitch_double
Peach Mod Gameplay 11 - Trident
Peach Mod Gameplay 12 - deck16][
Peach Mod Gameplay 13 - z-2dxpm - 2D Map Featuring silent
Peach Mod Gameplay 14.1/2 - wdc_roof_q3 - Featuring Who?
Peach Mod Gameplay 14.2/2 - wdc_roof_q3 - Featuring Who?
Peach Mod Gameplay 15 - PushChess - nobots - Feat. Who? and silent
Compare 3D Peach Mod to Mario 2D

RE: Peach (mod) here. - LegendGuard - 10-13-2020

Great mod! I played sometimes, it feels like an acrobatic guy who wants to jump the wall in the game. I never tried other things like triple jump, but I assume it's entertaining.
I can't find the source code, only uses config files?

RE: Peach (mod) here. - end user - 10-17-2020

Aren't most of those already cvars in SMB Mod and just need to be activated? Air Jump/Tripple Jump is kind meh unless you just want a server with lots of features. Wall jump is probably the best one and can create some great play I used that on my Shotgun only and CRA server when I was running them. There's also a RocketMinsta like hook in the SMB mod that allows for played fishing in Freeze Tag game play.