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q3dm7-fabzor3-v1.PK3 - fabzor3 - 10-02-2020

q3dm7-fabzor3-v1.PK3 is out now
pk3 download from google drive Cool
enjoy folks, let me know what you think!
decompiled and cleaned .map for Xonotic NetRadiant file included so you can modify and re-release to your hearts content!
[url=https://imgur.com/gallery/ABXz187][/url]originally ripped from the original Quake 3 Arena 1.32 and adapted for Xonotic 0.8.2
[Image: wnrUkwP.jpg][Image: SvEWWq6.jpg]
[Image: YiuJllg.jpg]
[Image: m1EVDYB.jpg]
[Image: WXMdr96.jpg]
[Image: tDNRyI5.jpg]
[Image: 2E1jw63.jpg]
[Image: ZsENQWD.jpg]
[Image: 0sGGZAS.jpg]

RE: q3dm7-fabzor3-v1.PK3 - kwakkiezalf - 10-04-2020

Wow, played this map so much back then. How did you rip this bsp, and make it into a map?