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Some "modern" Suggestions (Wipeout Mode, Electro Color) - NoClue - 10-05-2020

I'm not so sure if that has already be recommended. But seeing all these new Arena FPS and their approaches to known game modes i think "we" could also improve some modes or at least offer some settings for them. I'm speaking about Clan Arena,
It's currently one of the most played modes in Xonotic and although it is kinda chaotic it is also fun. However i think we could also have a mode like Wipeout (basically a version of Clan Arena in Diabotical).
In that mode people respawn after a cooldown. The cooldown gets longer each time they get killed. It's fun becasue that way a last player can play more strategic and hide.. till some of his mates respawn. The round Ends when all players got killed (obvously).

Another "quality" of life update i'd really love would be team colors for the Electro Spam (i hate the electro tough.. as long as we still have it...). It would be great if the balls on the ground would be in the color of the team. That way you could see if they actually harm you or not.

RE: Some "modern" Suggestions (Wipeout Mode, Electro Color) - Mario - 10-05-2020

Clan Arena with "re-spawning" and more of a teamplay element does exist in Xonotic currently, in the form of Freeze Tag. In that gamemode, players who die end up frozen and need to be rescued by their fellow teammates, and the round ends of course when everyone is frozen. It used to be quite popular, hopefully it'll make a resurgence someday.

Team-coloured projectiles have been a desired feature for quite some time, there are some technical aspects preventing it currently but there is some progress being made to overcome them.