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Kota-doom2 is returns - Kotangens - 10-10-2020

Its a remake of Kota-dooM!
There are no jumps and vertical turns - but there is a super shotgun!
There is a version with lighting, download this one: https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=8444&pid=86552#pid86552
Thanks Mario for build light!

RE: Kota-doom2 is returns - Mario - 10-10-2020

Here you go!

I've gone ahead and turned all the trees and some minor details into Detail brushes (you can toggle detail brushes on and off with CTRL+D), details are very important, especially on an open map like this.
A lower case filename is preferred as Windows can be finicky about that (some file systems are case sensitive while others are not). I've also given it a version so users don't have to overwrite their previous package whenever you update.

It's an interesting map, the forced perspective and design could make for some different gunfights, it will be fun to see this on servers!
Best of luck with the map.

RE: Kota-doom2 is returns - Kotangens - 10-10-2020

btw about my map, it will be on my server.(Kotangєns sєrvєr [indєpєndєnt])

RE: Kota-doom2 is returns - Kotangens - 01-29-2022

Juhu wanted to test my map, but he doesn't have an account in the forums, so, here's another link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vby7olcsq4d6di/kota-doom2_v0r2.pk3?dl=0