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Super Shotgun pickup - Paulby - 11-13-2020

The shotgun is a great starter weapon, its fun to use and has obvious weaknesses.

It's a shame that it falls off in use when people start picking up other weapons, but of course it has to because its a starter weapon.

I think it would be great if there was a Super Shotgun pickup, which when picked up overrides the regular shotgun

It can then be placed on maps like the other power weapons.

I'm thinking it should just be an upgrade to the existing shotgun attacks.

Super Shotgun upgrade
Shoot. 12 pellets -> 18 pellets (72 max damage)
Melee. 70 damage -> 85 damage

Optionally, also make the Melee give a slight burst of speed in the direction of the attack

RE: Super Shotgun pickup - AriosJentu - 11-15-2020

I think there is one of the simulations of Super SG you can use a CryLink, which also has a spreading of "bullets", little bit less shot speed, but a lot of features.

RE: Super Shotgun pickup - _para - 11-15-2020

I think that'd be a nice change. I'd also like to see a more useful shotgun. At least 2 well placed shots at close range should deal >120dmg.
But on the other hand you should be motivated to search for better guns and keep moving.
Also when you strafe jump around the map the melee is a useful option but i would make the melee attack faster instead.