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Textures: evillair's eU Texture Set - Julius - 11-27-2020

evillair's eU Texture Set

File: eU_set.zip
Size: 300 MB
Format: 2048x2048 PNG
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/)
Author: Yves Allaire "evillair" (http://evillair.net)

Edits applied to the original textures:

 - Diffuse maps:  None
 - Roughness maps:  Inverted to create the Gloss maps
 - Normal maps:  Values normalized to "Scale: 1.00000", "Minimum Z: 1.00000" (GIMP's Normalmap plugin)
 - Height maps:  removed

Extra content created from orig textures:

  - base1 (seamless base metal)
  - floor_rubber1b (inverted floor_rubber1)
  - light1_off & trim_light1_off





Lights and Trims:


RE: Textures: evillair's eU Texture Set - Julius - 11-27-2020

I forgot to say some things:

The original set is of type PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and is comprised of
BaseColor, Height, Normal and Roughness image maps.

To make this set suitable for Xonotic I have inverted the Roughness maps to
be used as Gloss maps. Also, the original Normal maps are so "hard" that some
parts of textures look black in DarkPlaces engine, so I have softened them with
GIMP's Normalmap plugin:

.jpg   normalize.jpg (Size: 132.49 KB / Downloads: 33)


Apart of the above, I have written the shaders for the full set, including single
and double-sided versions of a pair of textures that has transparency in wich
I used alpha-testing (alphaFunc) instead of alpha-blend (BlendFunc) to avoid the
typical sort problem of the latter.