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NetRadiant for Xonotic? - Betaversion - 12-05-2020

Hello, everyone. A long, long  time ago I used GtkRadiant and made simple maps for Enemy Territory and Urban Terror, some of which were used on public servers; but this time 'round I want to create Xonotic maps.

There are different versions of NetRadiant available online, and I'm not sure which version/fork I should use. I want to download the best stable version for Xonotic and also the associated game-resources pack for Xonotic (with all those wonderful pk3 files, and other game-specific files, etcetera).

I'm running Ubuntu 64-bit with a Cinnamon desktop. Would someone point me to the official download site for the best stable version of NetRadiant?


RE: NetRadiant for Xonotic? - Julius - 12-05-2020


RE: NetRadiant for Xonotic? - Betaversion - 12-05-2020

(12-05-2020, 04:09 PM)Julius Wrote: https://netradiant.gitlab.io/

Thank you, Julius. Hopefully I'll have a (simple) map ready to share with everyone in a few weeks.


NetRadiant-Custom for Xonotic? - Betaversion - 12-22-2020

Hello again... This is a follow-on question to my earlier one about obtaining the latest version of NetRadiant...

I understand that NetRadiant-Custom is a fork of NetRadiant, and NR-C has been discussed here on the Xonotic forum occasionally; from what I can tell, both editors are being maintained/developed and both support similar games.*

GtkRadiant is buggier and more cumbersome than I remember it being years ago, so I've been working with alternate editors over the last few weeks, trying to get back into the groove of Q3 mapping.

I'm hoping someone would summarize the differences between NR and NR-C, pros and cons. I'm running a 64-bit Ubuntu machine. Any and all comments would be welcome. Thanks.

* On a side note, I wish fervently that either of these editors (or any editor) would ship/incorporate/download with fully updated support/game-pack for Urban Terror 4 (idTech3).