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[CTF] Lavaflag 2020 - _para - 12-20-2020

Did anyone else somehow miss the old lavaflag map from 2007?
Anyways today I made a new version of it which is more compact and modern. It also includes vehicles and hooks(weapon).

Download Lavaflag 2020

[Image: AjHrets.jpg]

[Image: PyrKNTp.jpg]

[Image: Wt4RbCr.jpg]

[Image: Ft17w1S.jpg]

RE: [CTF] Lavaflag 2020 - Mario - 12-20-2020

I used to love that map! Really looking forward to seeing some matches played on this, great job!

RE: [CTF] Lavaflag 2020 - Sire-Lionheart - 12-21-2020

Cool map, would be nice to play some 4vs4 5vs5 ctf on it.

RE: [CTF] Lavaflag 2020 - AriosJentu - 12-22-2020

Looks awesome, but there is a lot of details, I think, has been lost. For example, some stairs looks so simple and no details, maybe add them some borders, for example, etc. And lava columns, they have some weird vertically stretched out textures. But in other side - you have a lot of details based on lighting, looks amazing here. Will test it as soon as possible.