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Ranking Duel 1 Tournament | Xonotic League 20 - Kotangens - 01-07-2021

Ranking Duel 1

Tournament Start: Jan 30, 7 PM CET
                               Different timezones: 8 EET, 6 WET, 9 MSK, 1 EST
                                                                   Links: timee.io
                               check in opens 30 mins before start
Tournament End: 3-4 hrs to finish tournament
Location: EUROPE
Link: https://rocketjump.zone/xonotic/ranking-duel-1/

Prize Money Tournament: € 100
1st place: 70% of the prize pool
2nd place: 30% of the prize pool


Mode: Xonotic Pro Mode, Duel

Comment: Main differences from XPM: Crylink weapon is replaced with a modified Arc weapon
                    MachineGun has no reload, only 1 magazine 60 bullets
                    Blaster weapon has now a secondary (dmg: 1, force: 3, refire: 0.2)
                    There's no spawn sound
Time limit: 10 minutes
Frag limit: none
MAP POOL: Aerowalk, Darkzone, Silent Siege, Final Rage, Stormkeep, Downer, Fuse


Structure: Single elimination
Max Slots: 16
Forfeit: 10 mins delay
Admins: Ch4mp (yes, not me)
All rounds are Best of 3
do vcall cointoss in game console to determine who bans first

Best of 3:
Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Tie

RE: Ranking Duel 1 Tournament | Xonotic League 20 - AriosJentu - 01-08-2021

Interesting idea, maybe I can be a participant for this tourney, but my ping will be ever greater than 150, and dats reason why I skip this. Maybe as spectator, but if time will be comfortable to join.

RE: Ranking Duel 1 Tournament | Xonotic League 20 - AriosJentu - 01-08-2021

Also, I've asked this question on youtube, and also ask here - why CryLink removed? This weapon has a lot of movement features, at least a lot of attacking features, and it replaced by absolutely useless for movements weapon with DPS little bigger than machinegun, which can be used also for a long distance range. Of course, its DPS is the higher feature, and can be used perfectly in attack, also in defence, but why modification author just replaced one perfect gun instead of just adding it on the map. A lot of questions, but still almost none of answers. Because it can break classic Xonotic mechanics, and make a lot of disbalanced situations. Also blasters secondary fire is absolutely disbalancing.

RE: Ranking Duel 1 Tournament | Xonotic League 20 - Kotangens - 01-08-2021

Yes, i agree, if i was admin, then these modifications i would modified to more balanced.
I told to Ch4mp to add negative force (from -100 to -200) to blaster's secondary fire for climbing on walls(it avaliable in my server and in my balance-kota in Frankburg RJZ, just hit above, not under), but he disagreed, told me, that you can boost yourself all the time.
About removing Crylink ---> I would like to replace arc's secondary fire to crylink's secondary(or primary) fire. I can told it to Ch4mp.
BTW, What is DPS? Damage per second?
You can ask to Ch4mp in discord