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Map Updates for the Contest - _para - 02-03-2021

I'll move the updates to here so I can spam this thread. (link to contest)
And maybe you want to discuss something or give feedback.

So the layout is quite finished I'd say. Now I can think of what kind of buildings I want to turn those blocks into as they are mainly to represent the layout. But no real idea for now.

[Image: rwL50nP.jpg]
[Image: dAaXIcb.jpg][Image: K3m1jvs.jpg]
[Image: 45BOD4M.jpg][Image: t4WnuPv.jpg]

RE: Map Updates for the Contest - _para - 02-08-2021

Some changes:

>if you want to test download here<

[Image: OlHyGA6.jpg]
[Image: yyYrrz4.jpg][Image: p7lK1Bk.jpg]
[Image: YtQAKhU.jpg][Image: PKnGZse.jpg]

RE: Map Updates for the Contest - _para - 02-09-2021

I'm restarting with some sketches. The map above was good to figure out some scales. I still think it could make for some interesting matches for what it was intended and even more for overkill.

[Image: SinMWFq.jpg]